Brand Reputation Management

We live in an era in which brands are defined by those who experience them, rather than by those who own them. With unlimited access to sharing and receiving information online, there’s never been a time when consumers have had so much influence on brand reputation.

Increase Sales

The biggest reason why businesses need more online reviews is because they’re proven to drive sales by supplying consumers with pertinent information about products and services. On average, customer ratings increase sales by 18%, and 90% of people claim positive reviews influence their purchasing decisions.

Boost SEO Ranking

Reviews have huge value in local search rankings—out of hundreds of SEO ranking factors, reviews are rated the fifth most important (Local Ranking Factors).  The more reviews a business has, the higher they climb in local search listings.

High Marketing Value

Online reviews are word-of-mouth on steroids. Every day, millions of consumers are conducting local searches and reading-up on what others are saying about businesses. This is a prime opportunity to leverage great reviews and spread them across the web for customers to feast on.

Establish Relationships

Online reviews provide an opportunity for businesses to join the conversation and engage the customer. Whatever the situation is, they can respond personally and build a relationship for future transactions. When others see positive dialogue happening, it goes a long way in gaining their trust and turning them into customers too.

Better Product & Service

Reviews are a great yardstick for what a business is doing well and what they’re doing poorly. Seeing how customers react to their offering provides good fuel on how to ratchet-up their strengths and play-down their weaknesses.

Higher Conversions

Fresh and relevant reviews are essential for healthy business results. Not only do they strengthen online presence but it directly impacts sales conversions—63% of consumers are more likely to buy from a site with current product ratings.

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